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Thomas's 1st Birthday Party

Sunday, August 30, 2015

It was Thomas's birthday party yesterday and we had the BEST time! Thomas perked up a little (he's still  little under the weather, but can keep good and water down ok now so had a little burst of energy). We had a Peppa pig bouncy castle and a Thomas the tank engine cake, but of course all the children were more interested in the balloons! Haha!

Alice had all her friends there too, which she was so excited about! She ended up blowing out Thomas's birthday candle as Thomas went for a long nap mid afternoon! Oh, and she also opened all his presents for him as Tommy just wasn't interested... but hey! 

It started raining about half an hour after the party ended (good timing!). Thomas is absolutely fine today, completely back to himself (typical huh?), but he had a lovely day and we are so thankful to everyone who came to celebrate! 

Happy Birthday Thomas! xx




Saturday, August 29, 2015

Here are some photos from the days we actually got out he house in Brighton! I think we spent far too much money on pictures, ice cream and food, haha! We stayed near to Kemp Town which is so pretty. All the houses are different colours and there are loads of antique shops to look round. We didn't get into many as I had Thomas in the buggy and an over excited toddler, but I would love to have a good look around on another day. 

The art is amazing. If you walk along the beach, you'll find lots of little art shops with one of a kind pictures and prints. We bought far too many, especially considering our house doesn't have much wall space! 

Brighton, we love you! xx


Happy 1st Birthday Thomas!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy! You're not very well today, but you still love all your presents. We love you so much! xxxx


Our Brighton Airbnb

Thursday, August 27, 2015

We recently took a trip to Brighton for a few days. We just love Brighton, I think it's the only other place in the UK we would consider living other than London! We stayed in an Airbnb, which was amazing! It was huge and full of toys and plenty of room for our two little rascals to run about. This was particularly lucky because it poured with rain for two days in a row! 

Airbnb has definitely made us look at travelling with two kids in a completely different way. It is just so much easier to settle them into their new environment when it's an actual house, with toys and separate bedrooms. It feel so much cosier and relaxing than a hotel. we could make meals when the kids wanted them, put them to bed and sit down in the evening watching tv or reading without worrying about waking them. 

We can't wait to book our next trip! We've found some great places in the countryside for really reasonable prices, so if you haven't checked Airbnb out yet, then do! 



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