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Let's go fly a kite...

Monday, October 20, 2014

At the weekend we did something I have been wanting to do for ages and ages... fly a kite! It was a spur of the moment thing as I was watching the weather forecast on Wednesday and saw it was going to be super windy at the weekend. So I bought this little pocket kite off of amazon and on the Saturday we trekked to Box Hill in Dorking to fly it! It was so funny to watch Dave and Alice run about trying to get the kite up into the air. Eventually they got the hang of it!

If you want, you can watch my vlog from the day at the end of this post. Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to me on YouTube so far. It's so much fun to make little family videos and I love capturing our day to day life.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Last weekend, we went to Brighton! It was somewhere we have been meaning to visit for a while, so when we woke up in the mood for a day out last Saturday, we couldn't think of a better place to go!

I thought I would share some of the places we didn't get to visit but would love to next time. Sometimes when you are travelling with small children, you just end up in one place for hours while they nap (Thomas) or scoot up and down (Alice!).

The Sea Life Centre: Simply did not have enough time to visit this one! I think it's more of a day out in itself to be honest. But I would love to go and explore those underwater creatures!

Scoop and Crumb: This amazing ice-cream shop looks incredible! We passed it a couple of times, but had already got Alice an ice-cream on the pier so decided against two in one day... The weather wasn't exactly ice-cream weather either, so she was a little cold. But it did look amazing...

The Tic Toc Cafe: I've heard good things about this cafe! It's beautiful decoration is enough to make me want to go instagram crazy. It's also situated in the Lanes which in itself is a place we didn't do much exploring of.

The Lanes: As I said before, we didn't get much of a chance to have a good wonder down the Lanes in Brighton. We got caught up feeding Thomas and chasing Alice on her scooter!

The Royal Pavilion: We drive past this and it looked amazing! I would have loved to explore it and we definitely will next time.

There is so much to see and do in Brighton and being only an hour from London, it is definitely a place we will be exploring more in the future. If you don't live near enough Brighton to justify a day visit, there are plenty of Hotels in Brighton too!


Brighton and Blueberries

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

It's no secret in our house that we struggle to feed Alice healthy food. She is often seen with chocolate round her mouth or a biscuit in her hand. Up until recently, I have been heavily pregnant, and while that's not really a good excuse, it just seemed easier to give in to her all the time. I was tired, she was hungry and it just sort of spiralled out of control. She has always been fussy about what she eats, but recently it is just impossible to get any veg or fruit down her! Until this weekend, when miraculously she just changed her outlook on food! She ate blueberries, peas, carrots and a whole banana! Very much hoping this is the start of better eating habits, fingers crossed!

We went to Brighton at the weekend. Alice pretty much just scootered around the pier and through the town, she was quite happy! it was freeeeezing cold and we had to stop and buy Thomas a hat from Gap kids, which made him look a bit like a burglar! Haha!

Here are a couple of snaps from the day taken with my old camera, and also a little vlog of our day.

For those who wonder where I am at the moment, you can find me on YouTube where I am uploading a video every other day!


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