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37 Week Bump Update

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If you had to double take at the number of weeks I am, don't worry, so did I! 37 weeks, I mean where did that come from?! I feel like time has suddenly got ahead of me and I feel so behind on everything I need to do before baby comes. We have finally bought clothes and all the things for the hospital bag (which is ready and waiting at the bottom of the stairs). We've figured out what will happen with Alice when I go into labour and paternity leave for Dave. 

I still have a massive urge to sort out the house, clear out the cupboards, throw away the old toys... Unfortunately I seem to have left it all to late. With this major heatwave we are having and with being so heavily pregnant, I just can't seem to do very much without feeling exhausted or getting a back ache. Typical huh?! Still, those things are not particularly important and it's probably my nesting brain kicking into gear. 

In terms of the pregnancy, baby is 3/5 engaged, but is lying long which means he is sort of sideways with his head down. So I have to stand in weird positions every day to try and get him to turn. I also have to get my bloods done every week to check levels of something or other. That's because I had a retained placenta last time round and there is a higher risk of it happening to me again. Joy. 

I am getting cravings for weird things. Well, I say weird, I mean things I don't usually eat. Popcorn, sparkling water, blackberries and frosties are my top go-to foods right now. In fact, I am eating popcorn and drinking sparkling water while writing this! 

Pregnancy symptoms include all the old favourites: morning sickness, leg cramps at night, back ache, exhaustion, pressure pressure pressure, the need to wee all the flipping time, swollen ankles, braxton hicks... can you tell I've had enough now?! On top of all that, Boden have just released their new Autumn range and I am itching to get into a pair of those chelsea turn ups, so very much looking forward to not being pregnant now. 

And of course, I can't wait to meet him. Though I did have a dream the other night that I had a little girl instead of a boy and we had to dress her in blue clothing with dinosaurs on the front! 

We shall see I suppose. It would make a funny story I guess! 



Friday, July 18, 2014

Alice is now 2 and a half, and she is amazing. Seriously. She is the funniest, most fascinating, most incredible person I have ever met. I'm sure everyone says that about their own child, and it is true. Your children are the most wonderful people you will ever meet in your life.

Thanks to this pregnancy, I am finding it incredibly hard to put Alice down for her lunch time nap. It was just so draining and I would spend the hour she was napping, sleeping myself! So I have had no choice but to cut it out. So far, so good. I think the summer is helping a lot as we can get out and about in the sun. She goes to sleep at about 6.45 every night and wakes anywhere between 6.30 and 7.30 the next day.

She eats fruit! Hooray! Ok, veggies we are still working on, but fruit is a big bonus. Strawberries are a favourite, as is good old apple and banana. She's eating a far greater variety of foods now too which means meal times are quite fun. I never stress if she doesn't eat her dinner or lunch, because I can't see a 2 year old knowingly starve themselves. I leave dinner for half an hour and if she hasn't eaten it, I'll offer a sandwich or cereal a little later.

Tantrums are fun, aren't they? NO! Gosh she is stubborn. She throws the biggest, craziest tantrums and then 2 minutes later is smiling and laughing as if nothing has happened! I swear she does it just to wear me out in the day. But I do know where she gets her stubbornness from... guilty as charged!

 When she tells a story she is just so funny. She uses so many hand gestures, and we can only understand the odd word so we just end up nodding along and going, "uh huh, uh huh...". I wish she would let me film one of her stories, but she's a little shy in front of the camera. Still, it's something we will definitely treasure and reminisce over in the future.

She's going so quickly and sometimes I find it hard to keep up with her. I very often find myself frustrated that she wont go to bed like she used to, and then realise that she just doesn't want to be held and sung too, instead wanting to put herself to sleep. Or when she stopped wanting me to follow her about the playground. Now she just puts her hand out to me and say's, "no mummy" and she's off playing with some other children instead. It's quite hard to let go and let them grow up. But when I do see her grow and become more and more assertive, it makes me feel so proud.

And I am sure she will keep on making me proud. Every single day :)


A Day in Richmond

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Richmond Upon Thames is so beautiful when the sun is out. Over the weekend we took Alice for a stroll along the River and had a pack lunch. I love Richmond. If we won the lottery, we would definitely buy one of those gorgeous white town houses and spend our days trying out the vast amount of bakery's and restaurants. As it happened I stumbled across a cafe called the Pottery Cafe online and we decided to take Alice. You can enjoy tea or coffee while your little ones paint pots or teapots or piggy banks. I took some pictures on instagram of her work of art, but the cafe was quite small and I don't always like to bring out the big camera! But it was a lot of fun!

As always here are some more pictures form our day!


Borough Market

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Over the weekend, my mum and dad had Alice over night and Dave and I enjoyed some much needed free time! We went to Westfield in West London on Friday night and bought a ton of clothes for the baby (about time, I know!). There are SO MANY SALES ON right now. Mamas and Papas have some seriously cute things in their sale, so we stocked up good and proper.

On the Saturday morning we woke late (8.30... that's like a 3 hour lye in!!) and went to Borough Market. It is amazing, I would recommend a visit to anyone who likes food. A lot of food. literally every single way you turn there is someone cooking something amazing. I ate far too much and we spent probably a weeks shopping budget just on lunch. but how can you not try that pot of Cray fish tails? Or that watermelon smoothie? We are definitely hoping to head back there with Alice at some point, but at the rate time seems to be flying by I expect there will be another little person coming with us as well!

 Belly button!! When we got on the tube about 5 people stood up to give me there seat. Anyone who knows anything about London will know this is quite rare, so I must look about ready to pop! 


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