The Body shop Hair Butter review

Friday, October 28, 2011

It must be something to do with pregnancy, but my hair has been particularly dry recently. I do bleach it every couple of months, but my usual loreal products are normally enough to keep it looking relatively healthy. However, that last time I had it bleached, my hair just became this dry, uncontrollable flattened mess. Looking thorugh the body shop website, I came across this little beaut. I was hoping that because it is a natural ingrediant using product, it might actually work, and I wasnt disappointed. My hair feels thicker, healthier and fuller, almost as if it's had a long drink of water! I like the idea of moisturising my hair too!


  1. You are really beautiful! :) I should try this the bodyshop product, because I'd like to have thicker hair as well!
    nice blog!



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