The good old smokey eye!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make-up is all about experimentation. Not everything is going to work for you and so it's sometimes a good idea to use tutorials and make-up how-to guides as inspiration, changing certain steps to suit your skin tone and style.

Here is the finished result:

Using a primer ensures the eyeshadow stays put all day long. It also gives it something to stick to!

 I chose a lighter colour as my base, this white one in the middle. This ensured my look was kept light and fresh, and allowed me to build up the colour slowly!

 The two grey shades were what i used. I used the lighter one for complete coverage and the darker one to add definition in the corner and crease!

I blended the eyeshadow underneath the bottom lashes to add more definition and create that smokey eye look!

 A great tip for applying liquid eye line is to use a pencil first. That way, you can follow the line you have already drawn and pencil is much easier to rub off if it goes wrong!

 The eye liner i used was Miss Sporty. It's cheap, and it works!

Finally I topped it off with Rimmel Londons Lash Accelerator mascara!
So there it is! A quick and easy way to create a smokey eye!


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