Models own review

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nail polish is a truly remarkable product, and one which I will admit I can not live without! It can compliment an outfit, create a statement or just cheer you up. The Models Own collection is one of my all time favourites, with an array of incredibly fun and on-trend colours for an affordable price of £5.00 a polish. I'll start with my favourite nail polish of all time.

This blue polish, entitled 'Feeling Blue NP031', looks absolutley perfect after just one coat. The matt effect means that you get a really bright blue, creating a statement nail colour that will make people notice. I have worn it nearly all summer, as has Whitney Port!

The next colour I purchased over the summer was the more natural, nude polish entitled, '25 carat gold NP047'. This colour was a big trend over the summer and a must have for all nail polish lovers! However, it is a little plain and ordinary. It needs a couple of coats before it becomes a noticeable, nude colour and I felt it was just a little too on the 'safe' side for my personal taste. However, the polish itself is great, a matt finish, after a couple of coats the colour is very strong and it's easy to wear every day for any occasion.

Finally I thought I review my most disappointing purchase of the summer, the Models Own Lime green nail polish. This was an utter disappointment as it is a more sheer finish, leaving my nails looking like I had been picking my nose! I'm a sucker for matt based polish's which really make a statement and so I was left wishing I had chosen something else for £5.00!

Thank you for reading my review. Let me know what your favourite nail polish is!


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