All Black Lace

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dress (worn as top): Asos
Skirt: Topshop

When I was younger, I wore black all the time! Colour was a scary prospect and I couldn't work out how to wear it without looking like some kind of clown! Now, I love experimenting with colour, clashing them and making outfits pop. However, nothing quite beats the LBD for a night out. I think an all black outfit can look just as interesting as wearing a load of colour. 

I think everyone owns a black lace dress by now (I have two!), so I wanted to jazz it up a little, by wearing it as a top and teaming it with a black skater skirt from Topshop. The gold band round the top of the skirt really breaks up the outfit and creates a waist (which I am rapidly losing every day due to my daughter growing inside me!). 

As for baby news, I am now officially BIG BELLIED. There is no mistaking I am pregnant. I have to say, it is taking some getting used to as my tummy was so flat before! But I am doing my best to embrace the changes and enjoy being pregnant. Time is really flying by, and I am sure I am going to miss being pregnant once she's out! Thanks for reading and HI to new followers!


  1. I have a thing about colour lately - if I'm not wearing any I feel really drab but this dress is really lovely. Brand new to this blog so thinking you def can't be pregnant in this picture as you look so tiny. When is your baby girl due? You must be so excited.

    Laura x

  2. What a good idea to wear the dress as a top! I love this outfit, gorgeous :)


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