Leather Skirts and Peter Pan

Monday, November 14, 2011

Petepan collar dress (worn as top): Topshop
Pleated faux leather skirt: Primark
Spotty Tights: Accessorize

I have noticed lots of bloggers very excited about this skirt! Such as Heather, Lily and Rosie to name a few! So needless to say, I was very excited and happy about this purchase! 

It actually happened by accident, whilst browsing through the Primark in Bournemouth looking for a cheap winter coat (I went to the right place!). It was hanging in the most random place, inbetween a faux fur gilet that looked a bit like someone had strung a few dead skunks together, and a denim shirt that was so bleached I think someone had spilt hydrochloric acid over it. The second I spotted it, I darted over, leaving my boyfriend alone, who was rambling on about why anyone would want to look like they had a dead cat drapped around their neck (clearly doesn't understand fashion), and managed to grab myself the last size 8 in the store. I was so proud of my achievment I almost did a little dance, and made sure I held it out in front of me during the rest of my shop, just to make sure people knew I OWN THE SKIRT NOW! BACK OFF PEEPS! 

It was a proud day for faux leather pleated skirt lovers all over the world.

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  1. Great outfit :) you look so pretty and i really love the skirt! xx


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