Mascara Review- Lash Accelerator

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another mascara review! This time on Rimmel London's much praised Lash Accelerator, which retails at about £9 and is available in most drug stores. This mascara is a little high tech and has a Grow Lash Formula. Rimmel claim that after 30 days of using this product, lashes will appear 117% longer! Now, I'm not one to question random statistics, especially ones as precise as this, but I found the my lashes to appear only about 110% longer... sorry Rimmel. No I'm only kidding, surely no ordinary human would be able to tell exactly what a 117% increase in lash length would actually look like, so I can't really comment on that.

What I can say is that the brush is curved in the middle giving maximum coverage and is surprisingly light to hold, making application easy. I like the colour (I got it in dark brown so I could wear it every day), and the formular is pretty good leaving me with hardly any clumps. I have read some bad reviews about this product, but my advce as always would be to try t yourself. It's under a tenner and if it's really bad, you could always write a blog post on it...

One of my favourite mascaras of all time, this is well worth the money and is great for your lashes!


  1. I really like this product too--available in the US at local drugstores =)


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