Michael Kors Perfume review

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This perfume is one of my most used perfumes of all time! It was a birthday present and it is the best perfume ever bought for me! Not only is the bottle so cute and pink, the smell is girly, sweet and slightly floral (without smelling like your nans bedroom!). I started by using it for special occassions or nights out, but Ive ended up using it nearly every day! It's become a bit of a signature sent of mine. I even use it on my pillow (and over the odd pair of smelly socks courtesy of my boyfriend), so it's probably fair to say it's the signature sent of my house too!

Though priced at £35.50 per 30ml bottle (boots) I should probably be a little more particular about where I spritz it! I still love it though and would recommend everyone to try it! And if you end up not using it so much, it's so pretty to look at it will add a little pink goodness to your dressing table!


  1. I've never tried it. My favorite is one from Burberry, but I love it so much that I only save it for special occasions.


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