Pony Tails and Cardigans

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cardigan: Primark
Top: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Scarf: Accessorize
Tights: Accessorize 

Not very good picture quality today I'm afraid. Losing a lot of lighting in this ever coldening weather! Just a simple black outfit today with a touch of colour from the mustard cardigan. Again, I can not believe the niceness of Primark at the moment!! Just £12 for this cardigan and it's actually really warm and lovely! There's no better way of spending a Sunday than wondering round Primark and H&M picking up little fashion bargains! I was surprised at the lack of faux fur and patterned tights lurking about though. Perhaps everyone is grabbing them off the shelves before me! (How dare they!) 

The two words an obsessive shopper dreads hearing... Card Declined. What?! Imagine my horror. And to make matters worse I was trying to buy a mass load of clothing and accessories from PRIMARK. But don't despair, it was just a problem with my chip. I'm not in debt over my Primark obsession. 
Found a really good blog today! Celia left me a message on my last post saying how she was pregnant at 23 and gave birth on her 24th birthday, which freaked me out a bit cos thats exactly what might happen to me!! Argh! After checking out her blog I have to give it a mention. You should check it out HERE!


  1. My card was once rejected in Primark, the shame!!
    Ahh thanks for the lovely mention :) What date are you due? My little boy arrived 17 days late to share my birthday, so thoughtful of him to keep me waiting! Have you bought your pram yet? That's my other obsession after fashion, sad but true!x

  2. I'm due the 25th Feb! And my birthday is the 11th, so I'm hoping she wont be two weeks early! Though I've heard it's more common for your first baby to be late. I haven't bought anything yet, waiting for the sales!! All I know is that I would like a 3 in one pram, with the carry cot and car seat. Which one did you go for? x

  3. thank u for your lovely comment and now following back.. its sooo nice meeting other fashion/mummy bloggers. Your blog is lovely!!! I have the same cardi in navy but want the same one as you have here.. one of my fav colours this winter!
    Just on the pram subject you and the lovely celia are chatting about.. i bought the 3 in 1 mamas and papas sola and it is fab!! so many choices out there though isnt there!
    x :)


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