Too smart for shopping? Nah!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blazer: Topshop
Stripy top: H&M
Wet look leggings: River Island
Scarf: Accessorize

These pictures were particularly difficult to get with my wonderful (not) camera. The lighting is so bad, it gets dark so quickly! And it didnt quite pick up the texture of the leggings, but what can you do! 

Hands up who's been a little afraid of the wet look legging look? Yep, me too. I think it's because it's so easy to get wrong and look trashy. But recently I've just been determined to find a look that works with them, and I hope this one does! I think the trick is to wear a top or blazer which hangs lower than your bottom! I wore this out shopping in Oxford Street today, and found the leggings to be surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear! 

Heading down to Bournemouth tomorrow to spend some time with the bf. He's still at uni in his final year, which means we can spend a lot more time together than if he was working full time. I like it by the sea, it's so much fresher and cleaner than in London! And the pace of life is slower, which is good when you're pregnant! But I do still want to live in London. Nothing beats central London for a night out!


  1. oh loving the leggings and the jacket so chic x


  2. You look gorgeous, I went through a phase of wearing my wet look leggings all the time last year, I want to dig them out of my wardrobe now after seeing this post!

  3. Love your blazer! and the red scarf paired with it!
    And I understand you with the camera problems, for me it's sometimes hard as well, because it gets so dark so early!!


  4. Great outfit, I love this combo :) x

  5. I fully agree, the trick is definitely to wear something that covers your bum. Nobody wants to see a shiny bottom ;) I think you pulled it off perfectly.

  6. These are lush leggings! I tried the Topshop versions on but they were horrid. Must track these down! So glad I've found your lovely blog now :) xx


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