Topsy Turvy French Nails

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Models Own: Lili's Pink
Nailene: French Manicure
I keep wanting to try out this nail art craze thats going around right now, but I completely lack the skills required for it, as you can see from the pictures! I tried to create somespots on my thumbs but it ended up looking like.. well a big wonky stripe! So I decided to create a topsy turvey french manicure look. I love this Models Own colour, it's so so so pink and sparkly and only needs one coat to look amazing!

Staying in Bournemouth for a couple of weeks to see the bf. It's cold down here by the sea! So lots of jumpers, coats and scarves for me! I'll try and post a few outfits, which will mainly consist of warmer clothes as I didnt even think of bringing anything remotely short sleeved!


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