A buttoned up shirt

Friday, December 23, 2011

Top: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Cardigan: Topshop
Tights: Next

Last outfit post before Xmas! Woop woop! The lighting is terrible but I thought I would upload these anyway as it's what I wore to diner the other night. I had actually lost this cardigan a while ago and assumed it had gone forever, but found it again this week. I love it when you find old forgotten clothes! It's really not cold outside, which I still can't decide whether is a good thing or not. Tonight I'm off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, so maybe it would be good if it wasn't minus 20!

I went to see the new Mission Impossible film the other night. It was so good! I'm not usually an action film lover but I really liked it. However, my little bubs in my tummy did NOT enjoy it I feel. It was far too loud for her, and she hasn't stopped wiggling since. Either she's still daancing to the theme song, or it's made her even more anxious to come out and see what's going on! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. I shall probably post an Xmas day outfit next week and possibly a New Years outfit too, but thats if I get time.
Thank you to all my lovely readers! xxx


  1. beautiful colours, love your sweet style!


  2. So pretty. I love the color combination.

  3. Love the purple and yellow...looks great :)

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