Coats and scarves

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Coat: Primark
Scarf: Accessorize
Black top: Primark
Skirt: Topshop
Today it is cold. Cold and wet and windy. So I decided to keep myself and bump nice and covered up in this primark coat and warm scarf. Although I have invested in some maternity jeans, the bigger my bump grows the more uncomfortable I feel in trousers and jeans. A nice pair of stretchy tights (not maternity tights) and a high waisted skirt (again, not maternity) which fits up over the top of my bump, feels so much more comfortable, and at the same time still looks quite stylish.

I really do believe in the idea that what you wear and how you 'do yourself up' can change the way you feel inside. I know there are some days when slouching about in pyjamas is much needed, but usually I end up feeling even worse about myself when I don't make any kind of effort. Even washing and straightening my hair, or dabbing concealor over any horrid spots can affect my mood so much! 

There really isn't a lot of maternity wear that caters for (and I don't really know how to say this) but the younger mums or mums who aren't yet ready to give up their topshop addiction! I know Topshop does a small range (SO IN LOVE WITH THESE LEGGINGS), and H&M do a few cheaper nice basics, but I honestly don't want to wear knee length dresses and comfy cardigans just because I'm pregnant! So please Topshop/RiverIsland/Miss Selfridge/Miss Guided and Boohoo.com, can I have some on trend maternity clothing to wear over Christmas. And no, a simple sequined shrug does NOT make up for a full sequined dress. Thank you.

Does anyone else know any shops which sell a decent range of fashionable maternity wear?


  1. ASOS is not too bad, quality is pretty poop though. I didn't give up my normal clothes, went into hospital in my Topshop Jamie jeans in a size up, I felt your pain! x

  2. You look gorgeous here, I love the coat!

    Sarah xx

  3. Love this look. I've actually fallen in love with maternity wear on ASOS and in New Look. Though have avoided that area of the New Look stores since I did once by a maternity dress by mistake...I was so pleased it fit my chest and thought it was just one of those dresses you were supposed to pull in with a belt. I still wear it to this day. Sssh.

    Laura x


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