Every day make-up routine

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Now, I'm definitey not implying from this posts title that I wear this amount of make-up every day! But if I am going out, shopping or with friends somewhere, this is what I would wear. And I am definitely going to have to simplify my make-up routine once the little one comes along, as I know I wont have nearly enough time!

The Topshop eye liner pen is amazing! I am seriously in love with it. It is just like a felt tip pen, and you can literally just draw it on, however thick you fancy. The Topshop make-up packaging is all so cute and pretty, with the simple black and white designs, spots and stripes. Their products are all so on-trend too, not surprising for a shop like Topshop!

I don't really experiment with lip colour. Nivea lip balm usually does the trick. The green one has SPF15 as well which is pretty useful. I would like to try out more colours though... As for mascara, I use a different one each time! Mascara is something I love to try out, which is not as exciting as coloured lips, I know.

I am definitelygoing to have to start investigating some quicker make-up tips and tricks for when baby comes! But luckily, I am following lots of lovelyyummymummyblogs to get some good ideas from!


  1. You don't need to simply your routine, just get the baby into make up!! My son loves dressing up with me [perfectly acceptable, he's only 1 haha, I'll put a stop to it in a few years!!] and playing with my brushes whilst I put my make up on :)

  2. Ive got the elf waterproof liner pen but the topshop pen looks intriguing, I might have to have a go myself!



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