Models Own Nail Polish Review

Monday, December 26, 2011

(Pics from Temporary Secretary)

Just a quick post to say HOPE YOU ALL HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS DAY, and got loads of goodies too of course! My pressies consisted of make-up, clothes, make-up and clothes. I got lots of nail polish, which I am very happy about. Models Own is my favourite nail polish. The colours are so vibrant and on trend. You rarely need more than one coat which makes them so easy and quick to apply. The packaging is so neat and cool too. After collecting a few, they look amazing lined up on your dressing table, and look so pretty you just want to use them all! My favourite colour that I recieved had to be the Brights yellow (Tangerine Queen). It's such a change from what I normally wear and I cant wait to clash it with all my clothes!

Managed to order nearly everything I need for the baby in the sales today too! Wahoo! I managed to get the cot, changing unit and buggy half price, which as you can imagine saved a LOT of money. SO I was very happy. I'm so glad I waited for the sales and didn't give in sooner.

I have lots of things to review and outfits to post so I shall be busy doing as much of that as I can over the next couple of weeks. As well as knitting my baby a hat... and then getting annoyed and buying one instead!


  1. I love strong colors for nail polish, in my opinion it's the perfect accessory.

  2. Lovely colours, the yellow is really nice - would love to know if it looks as good on. Glad you have managed to get all your baby bits sorted, now concentrate on sleeping plenty before she arrives!!x

  3. Better pair it up with our product before spills happen!

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