My Pretty Bump Update- Week 30

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is it over yet?!
I feel like I've been pregnant my whole life! Seriously, when will I actually meet her? I have gotten bigger, a lot bigger. Starting to worry a little about the rate she is growing! I keep telling her to slow down and wait till she comes out of me to grow, but she wont listen.

She was moving like crazy when I was taking these pictures. I think she's eager to get in front of the camera herself! She has been kicking me really hard recently. Especially when I am trying to sleep. But I don't mind. I like to know she's healthy and still wiggling about, doing whatever it is she's doing. Very busy baby I think, so it's best to let her get on with it.

I have missed my 28 weeks blood test. Completely forgot about it and vowed to go the next week, but now I am 30 weeks and I still haen't been. And now it's Christmas! So I booked in for an extra appointment for the midwife, mainly because I was so worried! She calmed me down and explained there is another test at 34 weeks, so they can just test me for whatever it was they were testing me for at this one. If you miss one, like me, don't panic! Stress is not good for the baby at all. Just phone your midwife, they are always willing to help and they don't have a go at you like I thought she might! They just reassure you and put your mind at ease. Lots of tests when your pregnant. I never go to the doctors normally, but now I seem to be living there!

My next door neighbor has just had a little boy, and I can hear him crying now! He sounds like a little lamb, it's so funny! But of course, I'm sure it's not so funny for her. I wonder what my baby will sound like when she cries...



  1. Ahh bless her, have you got a name for her? I loved being pregnant cos the baby was all mine [haha I sound like a psycho] - like every kick, movement etc was just between the two of us, it's so lovely :) I went to see my friends 6 week old today, so adorable and teeny, you have so much to look forward to :)


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