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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Week 28

I have felt a little guilty that I haven't kept any kind of pregnancy diary. The reason is because it was all a bit of a shock to find out I was pregnant in the first place! Not planned, but not unwanted. And then when I looked at all of the diaries you can buy, they start at the first Trimester, and by the time I got round to thinking of writing it all down, I had pretty much forgotten that part of it. Still, better late than never!

I am now 28 weeks pregnant! For those who have commented that you can't really see my bump, I think this picture is pretty clear to see! When I take a picture straight on it's quite hard to notice. My first 5 months went ok really. I think I have taken quite well to pregnancy so far. No excessive sickness or stretchmarks. But I think these last 3 months are when your body really starts to change, and I have definitely felt the stretching of my tummy!

As for cravings... and I don't know if this is really a good thing to admit, but I have been craving Budweiser beer. A lot. I mean, I could literally down a barrel of it if I was allowed. Unfortunately this is not a craving I can give into,which is so unfair! Why can't I be craving avacados or pickle like normal women!!

Reading Charlottes article on being young and pregnant, I think I have been quite lucky in the fact that no one has directly asked me if it was planned or not. I agree that although 23 seems young to some, it's not too young. And I certainly don't fall into the teenage mum category! I also have a very supportive partner, a place to live and enough money to support her. Check out Charlottes blog, it made me laugh so much!

Has anyone else out there had some odd pregnancy cravings?


  1. AWW your bump is so neat. At this point in my pregnancy i was a whale lol. I craved everything i wasn't supposed to have..tuna, bulmers cider, really bad salty foods like cooked breakfasts. I gave in to some tuna and a lot of cooked brekkies ;)

  2. You are quite possibly the most stylist mum-to-be!

    Laura x

  3. I craved nail varnish, it was awful, I used to sniff it secretly and I was desperate to eat it. I was literally like a junkie! Do Budweiser do a non alcoholic version? You look lovely BTW, very nice neat bump :) xx

  4. I never saw this! I have been rubbish with blogs in general at the moment! I love your blog! It's lovely and you my dear are blooming! Xxx

  5. "Not planned, but not unwanted".. That is exactly the phrase that I use. :-)

    Congratulations on your baby girl.




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