My Pretty Saturday Shoes

Saturday, December 03, 2011

How unbelievably cute are these! Argh! Made me feel in a right Christmas mood. Velvet is such a lovely trend. I was seriously tempted to get the Topshop velvet dress that everyone has been talking about. But I didn't! Don't want to completely break the bank.

Am trying to have some feature posts on my blog. It's quite hard, when you've been reading a millionother blogs for so long, to come up with original ideas. So My Pretty Saturday shoes (see what I did there?) is my attempt at a bit of creativity. I love shoes, and I have enough of them to post about a billion of these, so why not?!

Hope everyones having a great Saturday!


  1. Gorgeous shoes, can't believe you're wearing them while pregnant, I'm impressed - I was like a big fat whale waddling about in Converse!!x

  2. Hehe! Well... I may have just put them on to take a picture of them! I just couldn't resist them! And they look pretty in my room! xx

  3. They are gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for velvet anything! xx

  4. These are a lovely, very festively red!

    Rianna xxxx


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