My Pretty Saturday Shoes

Saturday, December 10, 2011

These are fast becomming my favourite type of shoe. FLATS! Argh! My feet hurt so much when I walk from allthe extra weight that I can't actually imagine wearing heels right now. In fact, I lie. My favourite shoes right now are slippers, but I didn't think they were quite pretty enough for the shoe post!

I really wanted to get a foot spa today, but I noticed that they say they should'nt be used by pregnant women. After further research, apparently there is some evidence that if you put pressure on the back of your ankle it can cause the womb to contract and baby to be flushed out! Argh! I had NO idea about that, and am now totally paranoid of people touching my feet (actually I was already paranoid about that!)

Has anyone else heard of this? Strange... However, if baby is late I may give it a try. I have a feeling she will be a bit late as I myself am never on time for anything!

Hope everyones having a lovely weekend! xx


  1. Your flats are adorable!

    I've never heard that thing about the ankles. Are you sure it's true?

    XX Teresa

  2. Thanks!
    I'm still not sure,but I keep finding it on the internet (not exactly a good source I know). I think I will ask the midwife next time I see her xx

  3. I heard the footspa thing from a very cautious friend when I was pregnant, better to be safe :) Lovely shoes :) xx

  4. Aw those flats are adorable! The color of them is really pretty! :)


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