My Pretty Saturday Shoes

Saturday, December 17, 2011

(Photo from Topshop Tumblr)

I don't own these shoes (yet) but they are on my Christmas list, so they will soon be mine! I LOVE the studs on them and how comfy they look. I'm loving the pyjama-as-day-wear trend seen all over the highstreet and blog world at the moment! Perfect timing for me actually as I think when little one comes out I will be living in my PJ's for a while, so it's nice to know I'll still be on trend! Haha!

I was going to do a Christmas wish list post, cos I enjoy reading other peoples so much, but I decided against it. Tbh, I havent really asked for much this year and I think that the post would mainly be teddies, blankets, nappies and hats! And I'm not sure how exciting that would be! I think I shall wait and see what Santa brings and then do a little post on it after xmas! 

My Topshop goodies arrived! Very impressed with speed of delivery as I was expecting a delay being so close to Christmas. I now have PROPER maternity wear and it feels SO good! No more tops riding up whist walking around town, or jeans digging into me so hard I keep thinking I'mgetting stretch marks! (I don't have any... YET). It's nice to feel like a human againinstead of a kangaroo (Thats what my bf refers to me as now) and to be able to wear things that non-pregnant 23 year olds are wearing, whist still being able to proudly show off my bump! The bump actually looks a lot cuter in my new clothes as well but I will do some outfit posts next week to show you what I mean.



  1. I LOVE these shoes too. They are literally sold out in every Topshop I go into!

    Sophie x x

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  3. i have these shoes and can definitely confirm that they are SO ridiculously comfortable. love them!

    also, i just wanted to say that i came across your blog today and i think it's really nice! i've had a good read through and i'm definitely going to be keeping up with your posts in the future!

    helen @ thelovecatsINC



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