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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Topshop cut out floral brogues

I love these shoes. White shoes are always a little iffie with me though... they kind of remind me of when I was in Middle School and i would have to wear those white plimsole things for PE, which would inevitably become a horrid grey colour. But these cut out brogues from Topshop have changed my mind! They look great in the summer with a dress or skirt, or in the winter with tights or even with little ankle socks!

I realise I haven't done a pregnancy update post this week. Not really much has changed. I haven't gotten much bigger and she hasn't really caused me any new issues. Other than the fact that I have eaten absolute rubbish over Christmas, I have been keeping fairly healthy! I did get a MASSIVE order of baby clothes delivered after boxing day, which I will definitely do a little post on in the week! So overly excited to meet her now!

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog, I really love hearing feedback! Not entirely sure how to reply to them so I tend to just visit your blogs and leave a comment back! Seems to work I think... And thanks to all my new followers, you really make my day! Remember you can follow me on TWITTER and BLOGLOVIN as well!

Have a Happy New Year everyone!


  1. Happy new year hun, it'll be a fantastic one for you no doubt about it with the little lady due to arrive in 2012 - how exciting! I'll look forward to the baby clothes post :) x

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