River Island Spring/Summer 2012!

Friday, December 09, 2011

I know it's only just turned freezing outside, and we haven't even overcome Christmas yet... but look at how amazing the Spring/Summer 2012 River Island collection looks! So many colours, so many shoes, so excited! I know, I know, calm down Emma... winter is barely upon us and I have yet to pick out the perfect winter jumper. But there are some reasons why I can be forgiven for my excitment for the new season:

Reasons why I'm looking forwards to Spring/Summer already:

1. I will have my little girl out in the real world as opposed to wriggling in my tummy all day!

2. My tummy will be significantly flatter so that I can wear all those pretty summer dresses (though maybe not a bikini straight away...)

3. My little girl will be able to come around the shops with me, and will keep her daddy occupied while I browse through the endless rails of clothing.

4. I will be able to fake tan without feeling like a vain, orange obsessed barbie doll!

5. I will be able to buy two sets of clothes everytime I go shopping. (One for mummy... one for baby...)

On another note, I am pleased to hear I'm not the only one craving inappropriate things while pregnant! (Nail varnish! Really Celia!? haha). And thanks for everyone letting me know about asos maternity wear. I had no idea they did that! I am trying to buy as little maternity wear as possible to save money. I think Im quite lucky being pregnant through the winter because jumpers tend to fit over the bump nicely, so it's mainly trousers and jeans I need to invest in!


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