Winter Woolies and Leather Skirts

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jumper: Urban Outfitters
Leather skirt: Primark
Tights: Topshop

Not fantastic pictures I know! But I know I'm not the only blogger having issues with winter lighting! Haha.
I love this outfit, it is unbelievably comfortable to wear! The skirt has an elasticated waist which fits nice and snuggly around my ever growing bump, without it sticking out like I'm hiding a beach ball under there... ha! The jumper I got a coupleof years ago in the sale. I still remember that because it was so expensive at full price and I got it for a mesely £20! Yes! Totally still gloating about that! My tights laddered a bit, but I dont really mind. I would always put some thicker ones on to wear outside of course as it is beyond cold, but I thought these would do for walking around the house.

Feeling a lot more Christmassy now I have seen Elf (That film about the giant elf). I love it so much, it always makes me laugh! I have also been doing a lot more blog promotion, updating lookbook and Chictopia and my Tumblr and Twittering a lot more. The IFB network is good for meeting new fashion bloggers. It is hard to promote your blog, but it's so rewarding when you gain a new follower or get some more views!

PS. Feel free to check out my River Island Style entry and vote for me!! Hehe! Thanks!



  1. Loving the tights!

    Have a nice day...

    ... and maybe we can follow each others...let me know if you want!

  2. Nice outfit - including the ladder :O)
    Hope your have a great week,

  3. Love this outfit, its so verstaile. I always love mixing different textures, its so much fun xx :o)

  4. i love the pattern of your tights!!! i want to buy similar ones too but i cant find anywhere :( you look amazing in them !


  5. Elf is my fav chrimbo film ever "do you need a hug??" Classic!
    You look amazing, your so neat still! lucky you! Hope your still feeling good and pregnancy is treating you well.
    Rachel xx
    Ps i want your skirt!! Its gorgeous, was that in good old primark recently?

  6. Oh this is completely wonderful. I love the combination of a soft sweater with a rough leather skirt, creates a lovely balance. Like the ripped tights too : )


  7. Your whole outfit is amazing. I love the leather skirt, and the tights too 9really must get myself some spotty tights!) and teaming it with a knit is an overall winner!

  8. Nice outfit! that white jumper looks so warm and comfy! :)


  9. I always love pairing chic tops with fit and flare skirts and tights. You look festive and fabulous


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