Faux Fur Coats!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Dress: Primark
Faux Fur Coat: Topshop
Tights: Primark

Another day, another cosy outfit! I have wanted this coat for AGES,ever since I saw Amelia Lily wearing it on the X Factor! I finally have it now and I am NOT disappointed. It is so cosy and warm and just lovely. And being in the state of 8 months pregnant, I dont really care that it adds 20 pounds and does nothing for my figure! I just love it! The dress is quite old actually. I remember seeing it and thinking it was so cheap I may as well pick it up, but it was a little unflattering.Now, however, it is the perfect fit. It shows off my bump quite nicely too!

Not sure why some pictures came out clear and the rest blurry...? But who am I to argue with my camera. It seemsto just do what it wants so I wont disturb it! Am having to edit this on a tiny notebook laptop as my mother decided to spill wine all over the ibook! Boo! It'd harder to get photo sizing right on a PC, Apple computers are perfect for creative needs like photo editing and movie making, so I am a little disappointed. 

Thanks for all the advice and kind comments about what will happen when I finally have to give birth to this squirming little monster that lives inside me! Have to say, I am getting a little more nervous with every day that passes, but also pretty excited too! And then panicked that I have forgotten to buy something important... There is so much to buy! This little new person is going to magically appear into the world and it's up to me to provide it with everything it needs! Scary! 



  1. I just love your outfit! So, so cute! :)
    The coat is just adorable!
    And don't worry, I bet you will be a great mom! :)


  2. Lovely coat, you look so pretty! Hope you're well and had a lovely Christmas and nye xx

  3. hi! i just wanna said that you and your blog are very pretty. hope you and your baby are doing well.
    and - wow! i love the dress! i went to Primark toaday but didn't see it(

  4. I love the way your select a combination because you perfectly match your black sleeve dress to a pink fur color which make a nice look.

  5. Hey my girlfriend has the blue version... Desperately wants both is the any chance you would consider selling yours.. Make me her Xmas hero! She is a size 10.


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