Leather Bomber

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Leather Jacket: New Look
Shirt: Topshop
White Vest Top: River Island
Leggings: Topshop

A quick outfit post again! Love this leather jacket, it's so casual and easy to wear! You can just throw it on over the top of almost any outfit. I think everyone should invest in at least one good leather jacket. They are always coming and going in and out of fashion and it's a great statement piece. It also keeps you pretty warm too! Haha! 

Not very good at this "colour blocking" stuff. I love reading style blogs from girls who actually understand colour and can put some amazing outfits together in some totally random colours and will look so cool in them. I however, would probably wear the same outfit and end up looking like a clown walking down the road! Or a walking packet of smarties or something... It also must be said that the further place I manage to get to now is my weekly midwife check ups as I am in my last month of pregnancy! Woo! Made it! So I like to think my waters could break at any moment and I will have to rush to hospital to give birth... However, I realise that the reality may be a long and impatient waiting game in which ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS and I'll end up being induced!

I realised that I have joined so many of these outfit sites I can hardly keep up with all the posting! My latest venture is the ASOS street style section and Style Says. Though I may as well give them a shout out on my blog! 



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