Mini Boden Clothing Haul

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pretty Applique T-Shirt (White/Duck)- £13
Jersey Applique Dress (Sugar/Mouse)- £18
Pretty Dungarees (Dusk Flora)- £22
Pleated Day Dress (Dusty Blue Flower Garden)- £22

I ordered these clothes from Boden about a week ago, and they finally came! I love Boden's children's and babies range. All of their clothes are so well made and look adorable. With cute floral patterns and bright colours, they are very summery and simply irresistible! The dresses come with little matching floral knickers to fit over their nappies (not shown in the pictures). I was immediately given a 15% off voucher and free delivery on my next order, and I will definitely be taking advantage of that offer soon! I just can't get enough of the little spotty trousers and stripy tops. And don't get me started on the bunny rompers...

I just hope she really is a girl and I wont have to send all of these lovely clothes back! (Though I would probably just keep them anyway!) 

I tried to get a blood test done today, but the waiting time was over 2 hours! Argh! My poor bladder just couldn't handle the wait, and there were no chairs to sit in either! Has anyone else had the 34 week blood test? If so, what is it for and how important is it? xx


  1. Ahhh these are adorable! I love Boden & Joules for clothes, the resale values are pretty good too on eBay if you can keep them clean [I never managed!!] :) No idea what 34 week bloods are for, all a distant memory for me, a 2 hour wait is insane though x

  2. Sooooooo cute, love the little mouse dress. With 3 boys I really enjoy seeing cute baby girl clothes haha x x

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