My Pretty Bump Update- Week 32

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Baby clothes from Marks and Spencers

I am aware that this bump update does not include a picture of the Bump! Instead I opted for a collection of baby goodies that I have bought pending my daughters arrival! A lot of this I got in the sales too, whch was great! My day will mainly consist of me wondering around in my pyjamas as I didn't get much sleep last night (someone was jumping on my bladder), so I really didn't feel like taking photos of myself!

I haven't seen a midwife for what feels like AGES, but is only in fact a few weeks. I think Christmas and New Years always seem like they go on forever, so I had a bit of a panic this morning about whether I am supposed to be seeing a doctor or something soon. I have a midwife appointment on Monday, where I will surely be told off for missing my blood test... hopefully the urine test wont show up how much chocolate I have eaten over Xmas too! Am back on track with the old vitamins now though.  She is still moving a LOT though, and I'm sure she is supposed to be calming down a bit now... there can't be THAT much room left for her to practise her kicking now!

Other than having to pee all night long, I still don't have any terrible pregnancy related issues, I think I have been really lucky actually. Am now starting to think about the birth... eek! I was looking up all the pain relief options last night, and some of them are really quite strong, which made me worry a little about just how painful this is going to be! If women opt for total paralysis of their bottom half via a needle through their back, then labour must be quite something! I think I'm still living in the false hope for 3 contractions, one push and a baby pops out! Haha!



  1. hee hee, yeee it is quite painful! I opted for an epidural and it was great, i was sat up in bed chatting and laughing whilst the computer showed the mahoosive contractions i was having. HOWEVER, i wish i hadn't in one respect. It all goes so quickly that i should have just put up with the pain as it was all over soon enough and the pain is soon behind you (soon enough i mean 12 hours lol!) i had a few complications also, so epidural was needed after all.
    I wish you lots of luck, its the best journey ever.
    PS: have you considered a 3d scan? They're amazing!! :D

  2. Awww! This is cute.
    Good luck sweetie!!!

  3. Aw that's such cute stuff! I love those little dresses! So, so pretty!



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