My Pretty Bump Update: Week 33

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I found a new friend for my little girl today! Haha! Baby Joules does the CUTEST toys, clothes and nursery accessories, even though they are super expensive and hard to find! Their products are so unique and quirky, as well as very cute! I wish I had the money to do the whole nursery up with their rabbit printed goods!

I went to the midwife on Monday, for the first time in what felt like ages. Anyway, I told her about the fact that I hadn't been to my last blood test or midwife appointment and she didn't seem too concerned. She told me that if everything feels ok, then it probably is, but to just not miss any more! I think there are a lot of appointments for pregnant women. I know a lot of them are very quick, little check ups, but I feel like a lot of them are just there because it's procedure. I'm not encouraging anyone to not attend appointments! If anything, they do put your mind at ease, I'm just saying that if you do happen to miss the odd one, don't stress too much about it! Pregnancy is not an illness, it's completely natural and if you just listen to your bodies needs, chances are you'll know yourself if something is up!

33 weeks... where did the time go!? Now that the holidays are over, time is zipping by! I am feeling a lot more tired now and my back aches if I stand for too long, but feeling her move about still makes me smile and know that I will soon have a little baby to look after. And that makes it all worth it!



  1. Ahh how cute is the little bunny! We have so many soft toys it's insane, I just can't resist cute additions :) For some reason your blog doesn't come up in my blogger updates, not sure why?x

  2. This post is super cute!!

    Sarah xx

  3. is very nice that you share this with us.
    I think I'm too young to have a baby, but when it happens probably love him/her instantly even if he/she will make me crazy (:
    You are very cute, I'm following your blog and I look forward to seeing your little blonde! Good luck dear (:


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