My Pretty Bump Update: Week 34

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Haha! I made these pictures, then wasn't quite sure what to do with them! But I thought these weekly updates could do with a bit more interest, and it will be nice to look back on them, seeing as I'm so rubbish at keeping diaries!

Ok, so week 34. What can I really say? I haven't gone to my blood test yet... should really be on my list of things to do. I shall pop along this week. I saw the midwife on Monday and she basically did the usual stuff: check urine, blood pressure, measure bumpy, ask how I'm feeling. She gave me a bit of paper with all these options for the birth, like a tick box chart... which I'm guessing is my birth "plan". I havent really thought about it to be honest. I haven''t been to any classes and I don't really intend to. At the end of the day, it's gonna hurt and at the end of it, there's gonna be a baby. So the less I know about the bit in between, the better. Ignorance is bliss...

I have had a bit of a bad back these last few days. Sleeping is a little difficult, but I'm managing I think. Getting a bit out of breath too, especially if she's right up by my ribs! But other than that I feel pretty good. I'm steadily getting bigger... eek!... and starting to wonder just how big this baby is going to be when I go into labour. Hopefully closer to 6 pounds than 10!

Things to do include buying finishing touches to the baby room, like pretty stickers and pictures. Packing my hospital bag, though I have everything I need to take so I'm halfway there on that one! And just generally setting things up, cutting labels off of clothes and so on. Oh, and buy a teddy bear...



  1. I love your little list on the pictures - really good idea! The canvases are really cute too. Good luck with the finalising of everything :)

  2. Those stickers are adorable, and a great idea to decorate the room! :)

    "At the end of the day, it's gonna hurt and at the end of it, there's gonna be a baby." <- exactly how I feel! I had to fill out two pages in my Pregnancy Record and the first question was "How do you feel about labour?" Answer? - Well there's not very bloody much I can do about it now is there?!
    It's great that they try and prepare you I suppose, but I am feeling ever-so-slightly smothered by midwife and hospital appointments now - they increase as you near your due date, argh!
    My last hospital appointment was supposed to just be a check up, but they sent me for a growth scan, I was there for hours and I was SO hungry! I could have easily told them all my son was perfectly fine and everything is as it should be, but clearly they just like to have pregnant women sit in uncomfortable chairs for hours and then talk to them for what feels like all of two minutes!
    Labour bag! Thanks for reminding me - I'm half done as well, just need to pick his wee going home outfit! :D xo

    1. I know! I really do feel smothered by all of these appointments. I'm not very good with doctors and hospitals anyway, I just hate them and I automatically feel worse when I go to them! But I hate the way everyone keeps saying "pregnancy isn't an illness", but I swear I have more appointments and things to worry about than if I was blooming sick!
      I had a lovely midwife the other week who agreed with me and said it was refreshing to meet someone who wasn't obsessed with counting kicks and reading a million books on birth!

  3. AWW SO EXCITING HUN! Enjoy every minute of "you " time now an put your feet up when you can! cant wait to see your journey as a mummy continue :D

  4. Have you had people ask you how far gone you are then look really surprised and the say "well you're looking really good for it!"
    -_- Pet hate - I'm 2 weeks off giving birth, I'm not dying! Xo


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