Nivea Visage Moisturiser Review

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Light Moisturising Day Cream

Quick post on my favourite moisturiser of all time! Nivea Visage products have been a favourite of mine for ages, pretty much from the day I first discovered moisturiser when I was 14. The good thing about Nivea moisturisers is that they actually seem to soak up an grease you have on your face, while at the same time taking away any dry skin you may have, so that you're left with perfectly smooth skin. 

The texture of this product is a little bit thick, and you may be put off thinking that it's going to feel like a lot of product on your skin, but don't be! It absorbs into the skin really quickly leaving it perfectly smooth and ready fro make-up. I always use a little extra around my t-zone too, as this is where I get dry skin. I am quite fair and have freckles, so I'm always on the look out for moisturisers with SPF factors, and Nivea have an SPF 15 included, which is great.

Talking of SPF factors, have any mums-to-be or mums who may be breastfeeding heard the news about vitamin D and the deficiency side effects it has been having on babies and young children? Apparently, vitamin D will now be given out as an extra supplement to take during and after pregnancy, and children under 5 will be encouraged to be given the vitamin as part of their diet. Now that I am approaching the end of my pregnancy (doesn't feel like it will ever end!), I am suddenly worried that I haven't been getting enough of this vitamin, seeing as I wear an SPF moisturiser every day and have been venturing outside wrapped up as if it's a blizzard to stop myself from catching a cold, which I actually thought might be bad for growing bubs. Now I feel I should have been wearing t-shirts and shorts!

Is anyone else feeling a little concerned by the new government guidelines? Or could this be yet another over-blown case study which is out there to scare us all (such as the no peanut rule or your child will get an allergy)? Would be great to hear some reassuring comments! 


  1. From my limited knowledge I would imagine the bulk of people with a vitamin D deficiency come from minority groups as it's harder for darker skin to absorb vit D from the sun, and they are more likely to cover up. I guess it's gone up in UK statistics because of the rise in ethnic minorities here now. It's also in fish, eggs and fortified stuff these days too, so yeah, it's not something that worries me :) I find all the studies really interesting [I'm very sad!!], my friend has taken part in one to see the effect of exclusive breast feeding for 6 months recently and it amazes me to find out how they reach their conclusions and just how many people they have to include in the studies. I used to worry loads when I was pregnant but found all the decisions came pretty naturally once I had the little fella in my arms, try not to worry too much :) x


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