'What I would Have Worn' on NYE!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Sequin Dress: FCUK
Blazer: Topshop
Make-up: Topshop

Hope everyone had a great New Years! This outfit post is more of a "what I would of worn had I not been 7 and a half months pregnant!" As it happens, I am, and so I spent the night watching Mean Girls (favourite film EVER) and drinking hot chocolate! But, this is the outfit I would have worn. New Years is always the time to dress up way over the top and spend way too much money! But I was quite happy this year watching the fireworks on TV and keeping my little baby nice and warm! 

2012 is going to be the most amazing year of my life!  I have begun the 8 week countdown till I get to meet my little girl, and i couldn't be more excited! For the first time I have no idea what I will be doing at this time next year, or how things will have turned out, or whether I will have a little monster or a little angel to look after (probably a bit of both, right?). So it's definitely an exciting year ahead!

As for my blog, I don't really know where it will go! I didn't expect so many people to be following and reading it after only a couple of months, so I think I will just keep going and see what happens. It has become a little bit of an obsession, and also a fun way to record my outfits and write down my thoughts. I have also discovered some pretty cool blogs along the way which I love reading! 

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2012!



  1. Thank you lovely :) You look gorgeous! I hope you have a spectacular 2012 :) xxx

  2. Gorgeous dress! Aw 8 weeks to go, so exciting :) I wish you the best of luck for 2012 honey and I hope all your dreams come true!


  3. I still cannot believe you can fit into such pretty clothes when you are so far along! My wardrobe has become very limited!!
    The countdown is so exciting, isn't it? Though it can be a bit like clock watching at work - seems to drag if you pay too much attention and you find yourself gong "I want my baby NOW!".
    Your new years sounds ideal - I'll take any excuse to curl up with a good movie!!

  4. I love this post - I should've done one too, give me an excuse to wear one of my endless dresses! I did in fact wear a pair of leggings and an old jumper to see in the new year whilst sat on the sofa eating chocolates! I'm sure she'll be a little angel, even if she isn't, she will be to you :) x

  5. Wonderful outfit! I like how you styled the blazer with that amazing dress! :)



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