Woolly Jumpers and Burgundy Leggings

Monday, January 30, 2012

Jumper: Topshop
Leggings: Topshop (maternity)

Argh! Look at those roots! That's what I get for being a good pregnant woman and not bleaching my hair for 9 months! Definitely on my list of things to do once she's out! 

Quite possibly my favourite maternity outfit to date! Maternity bergundy coloured leggings which are fleece lined and super warm, and an oversized woolly jumper which covers the bump and feels so soft I could actually sleep in it! Very happy. Now that the weather has gotten colder it's, in my opinion, the perfect time to be heavily pregnant. I get to wear big baggy jumpers, which are actually in fashion and in season, and lounge about the house all day as if in hibernation without feeling like I should be outside making the most of the weather! 

\woke up this morning feeling incredibly lighter, and have a sneaking suspicion it's because baby has dropped down a bit, relieving my lungs and stomach a little. Though this could be wishful thinking. I'm still on the look out of any single tiny sign that may give me a clue as to when this little one is going to come out! Everyone keeps telling me it's too soon yet and to just think about something else... but this is very hard to do when I can see the finish line and feel her constantly wriggling and kicking me, reminding me she's still in there!

I put up some wall stickers today around the cot. I have been looking for the perfect rabbit ones, and I think I have finally found them. Shall put a post up of them for the weekly bump update on Wednesday. I have also cleaned the house, folded up all the baby clothes and organised them into size (I have a lot of clothes for her!), packed, and then re-packed my hospital bag and set up the pram, complete with blanket and toys. Nesting? I hope so! 



  1. You are seriously so cute :) I've gone through almost all your posts :)
    New follower <3

  2. What a cosy looking jumper!
    Pack munchies & lip balm in your hospital bag - I forgot food & was SO hungry any drug I was given wouldn't stay down! So I was doing it hardcore till my epidural, which only half worked. So yes - a packet of crisps would not go amiss! ;) xo

    1. Thanks for the tips! I'm so jealous that you've had your little one already! I hope you are both doing really well! xx

  3. Awh good luck for when she arrives! I really love your blog, been following it religiously:D plus you seem so down to earth and your gonna make a lovely mamma:) p.s, i love your jumper! xxx

  4. love this jumper hun, id wear that now! it looks so snuggly which is totally what im after at the mo. so excited for your arrival!:D


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