Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dress: Topshop
Blazer: Topshop Via Ebay
Tights: River Island
Flowers: Ikea

Happy Valentines day everyone! Here is my lovely pink outfit complete with artificial flowers! Haha! Absolutely love this dress from Topshop! I got it in the sale last summer for about half price. No one seemed interested in the pink one as I think the cream and blue dresses were deemed the best sellers. But I simply couldn't resist the bright colour and beautiful lace detail!

I love Topshop blazers too, but really can't afford the £50 plus price tags on them. However, if you look on Ebay, there are always people selling them for far less than the shop price, which is how I got my hands on this one! I think I may possibly invest in one of their spring/summer bright coloured blazers though, depending on if I can think of enough outfits to wear them with! 

Am spending Valentines Day on the sofa watching romantic movies and eating a ton of chocolate! (Or quite possibly in hospital giving birth, but that's wishful thinking...) I wish I could go out into Central London with the bf, but I know I will only be all uncomfortable and tired and complain about the amount of walking! It's ok though, I can forgive my little one for causing me grief in these last few weeks, as I'm sure she will give me a lot more once she's finally out! 

Thank you for the birthday messages! I can't believe I am 24... where did my life go?! 



  1. That's such a lovely outfit, especially the dress! Happy Valentines Day!

    Sophie x


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