John Frieda Luxurious Volume Collection Review

Saturday, February 04, 2012

* Products sent to me by John Frieda as a thank you for doing the sponsored post

John Frieda has always been a brand that I have loved, as I have always found their products to ACTUALLY work and do the thing they say they are going to do! (Always helps). So when I was sent these lovely goodies, I was very excited to try them out! My hair is definitely lacking in volume, which isn't really anything to do with being pregnant. If anything, pregnancy has helped my hair's condition a little, which is probably because of the extra vitamins I have been taking. It's more to do with the fact that I treat it very badly, constantly straightening, curling and bleaching it blonde. 

The thickening mousse is my favourite product of them here. it's so light and airy and it doesn't feel like you are putting masses of product in your hair. It also makes a HUGE difference and it last at least a couple of days too! I love the thickening blow dry lotion, mainly because it's so easy to use and again, it doesn't feel heavy in your hair. I don't usually use hairspray, but I gave it a try anyway and found that this was also a good product! It wasn't sticky and it did hold my hair in place for a day, though as soon as I touched my hair it did lose it's staying power a little. However, for a night out it would definitely do the trick.

The products retail at about £6 each, which is a bit of a bargain really. I used to think that products were only good if you had to spend a lot of money on them, which is why most of my wages from when I was younger went on Bed Head stuff! But it's so not true! And John Frieda is definitely one of my top brands for haircare products.

On another note, I ordered some feather hair extensions for the summer from Feather Ray, a nifty little website which specialises in them. They can also be found at Topshop Oxford Street on a Saturday to put them in for you, but I decided to order the kit and try it myself. Feather are going to be BIG for Spring/Summer, so i wanted to try them out early before I walk around Glastonbury looking like I have a parrot on my head! Haha! Anyone else trying the feather trend?



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