My Pretty Bump Update- Week 36

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

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Cardigan: Next

Yes. It is the final 4 week countdown. February is finally here, the month I have been anticipating since that morning in July when I found out I was expecting. And it couldn't have come any sooner! I feel like I have been pregnant for my whole life. I can't remember a time when I didn't have to role off the bed, or strain to put on socks, or worry about how much tuna I have eaten this week! And with everything now set up ready for the baby, I am well and truly ready to meet her!

Ok. Maybe I am racing a little ahead of things here... as we all know babies don't stick to dates. they come when they feel like it. However, I am obsessively freezing in excitement when I feel the odd twinge, braxton hick or back ache. I am analysing every single thing, and googling a million birth stories to see if my time could be nearing. This is obviously not a healthy way to live your life and so I am trying very hard to concentrate on other things... and failing miserably.

The 36 week appointment was fairly standard, much to my disappointment. I dont know what I was expecting (maybe some kind of medal to say well done for carrying a watermelon around for the past 9 months), but it was just like all the rest of them. Blood pressure, heartbeat of baby, weight. And the usual "do you have any questions?" (Um, yes. When is my baby coming out?!). That blood test I was worrying about was a worthless worry. They haven't got the results back yet (Cheers NHS), and think that I may actually have the baby before they do... I wouldn't particularly mind this.

And my restlessness is not helped by the fact that Eilidh (Blog here) has had her lovely little boy, after tweeting "So I had a baby this morning...", which I found both hilarious and rather reassuring at the same time. CONGRATULATIONS! Hope you two are doing amazingly well! 

And now, I wait...



  1. Cutest post ever! I'll be writing an eviction notice of my own in April! Scary! I'm so excited for you and I hope you and your little lady have a wonderful birth experience. :) It's going to be the best year of our lives! xxx

  2. Awwww... That is so so cute and exciting :)
    You'll do great <3

  3. That's too cute - you're right, babies don't stick to dates! Aiden was 3 days early!
    I'd say take every drug possible but don't hold your breath( till its time to push that is!!) but I was sick with every drug & my epidural failed after 1/2 an hour - butdont worry about the pain too min cuz seriously, you forget about it as soon as you see your little one! (and then they give you lots of drugs in the maternity ward!;P) lol xo

  4. not long now, try and rest as much as you can and enjoy the next 4 weeks with your partner cos you gusy are gunna become 3 very soon!:) xx

  5. Ahh so exciting, enjoy the calm before the storm!x


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