My Pretty Bump Update- Week 37

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Sorry for the lack of a bump picture. If you see my last outfit post (HERE), that's pretty much how big I am now! I simply wasn't in the mood to look respectable to pose for a photo today! The pictures are pretty much a compilation of things I have been up or bought this week in my attempt to "relax" and enjoy the time I have before baby comes along!


1.  No matter how big you get, or how much I feel the baby move, I still can not actually believe there is a baby inside me waiting to come out. It's still going to be an incredible shock to actually hold the baby in my arms and I will be wondering where on earth she came from!

2.  Feeling the baby move for the first few times was not a magical and wonderful experience, it was WEIRD! I felt like there was an alien inside me.

3.  I still feel like me. I still obsess over the Topshop website, try out ridiculous trends (Feather hair extension post coming soon), read Company, Glamour and Cosmopolitan and stress over my lack of fake tanning. Being pregnant and having a baby has changed my life, but I still feel like me!

4.  Cooing over baby things is only fun for so long. Yes, that bunny hat with ears is cute, but those new heels from River Island are cuter!

5.  I don't feel that bad! Horror stories about morning sickness, heartburn and stretch marks led me to believe that pregnancy is like some hideous illness. Honestly, it's not THAT bad. Yes, I still get heartburn and feel a bit queasy every now and again, but I've felt worse with a sickness bug. And that didn't result in a beautiful little baby!

6.  There are not many decent, fashionable, affordable maternity clothes for young women! I don't want to wear a t-shirt saying "Mind the Bump", and I'm not keen on the old wrap dresses. Topshop and Asos do a nice range, but I just wish there was more. And it was cheaper!

7.  Midwife appointments are quick and speedy, providing nothing is wrong with you! I've literally been in and out of that room in a matter of minutes. Great if, like me, you have a bit of white coat fear! Also, they don't poke and prod you, or do embarrassing examinations, or speak to you like you're an idiot.

8.  Choosing a name for the little monkey is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I wish she could come out and just tell me what she would like to be called. I've actually gone mad and tried the whole, "kick once if you like Lily and twice if you don't". She doesn't like Lily.

9.  It's not that fun having a bump. It was when I was about 5 to 6 months, but now that I am the size of a whale and can not put my own socks on, it's not quite so much fun.

10.  The last few weeks are the WORST PART OF PREGNANCY. Not because it's particularly awful, though you do get more uncomfortable, but because it's a waiting game. All throughout pregnancy you are told dates for appointments, dates for scans, dates for growth goals. But once you get to 37 weeks, it's a case of waiting for the baby to do her thing. I hate it.

Ps. Note to the baby in my tummy- You are NOT allowed to come out on Saturday the 11th February. This is MY birthday, not yours. If you stay in, I promise to feed you lots of birthday cake and jelly (Probably wont tell the midwife that! Ha!)



  1. Points 6 and 8...couldn't agree more! Naming an actual person is so hard, we ended up picking right at the last minute and even then when he was about 2 days old I was like OMG I've given him the wrong name, let's change it to Alex!!
    Ahh and sharing a birthday with your baby isn't so bad, honest :) If you do manage to keep her in, happy birthday to you for Saturday, if you don't, then happy birthday to you both!! Good luck hun, whenever it is it certainly won't be long x

  2. So cute <3 I really don't what all you are going through, But it is all so so cute and funny :)Really nice post <3


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