My Pretty Bump Update- Week 39

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Week 39... Wow pregnancy is LONG! Sorry I didn't upload this post yesterday in the usual Wednesday spot. I actually got a really bad migraine yesterday, y first one in about a year! Secretly hoping it's a good sign though as it may mean my hormones are doing something interesting in preparation for labour!

Had LOTS of signs telling me labour is on it's way soon! Cramping, loss of that plug thingy (it's gross by the way!), nesting, nausea, loss of appetite, lightening. My little baby feels so low now I sometimes think she might just fall out! (Ah, imagine it was that easy!) In fact, the other night she was moving about so low down I was literally waiting for the pop of my waters breaking! It didn't happen however, and I am still pregnant. Over the last few weeks my bump has grown SO MUCH! But this last week it seems to have slowed down a little and baby has stopped moving quite so much. She does occasionally stick her little elbow out though, which is a little uncomfortable, but funny too.

Beginning to slightly worry about going way over my due date and having to be induced... I know I'm getting ahead of myself because to be honest, I can actually feel my body getting ready for the big day and I'm sure it will all happen naturally. But I really want a water birth and I know that at my hospital they will only allow that if labour is spontaneous. But I guess labour really is something that no one can predict and I am doing my best to be really open minded about my birth plan and expectations. At the end of the day, I just want a happy, healthy little baby (preferably a girl, otherwise he will be a very pink bubba! Haha).

I really do think these last few weeks are the worst of pregnancy. I have been counting down to my due date ever since I found out I was pregnant last June! But it's so hard to be patient when you know it's so close, but   could still be another 2 weeks! The question is, will there be a 40 week bump update? Lets hope not!



  1. I hope the baby comes soon...how exciting!

    Sophie x

  2. The plug thing is disgusting!! Think mine went a few days before labour so hopefully you wont be waiting too long now!!xo

  3. Awh Emma, I'm so happy for you! (': I bet you are so excited to finally meet baby! ^_^ (oh & don't worry if baby is 3 days late, I don't mind sharing my birthday ;) )xx


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