Pre-Birthday meal outfit!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Vest Top: Topshop Maternity (also in normal sizes!)
Blazer: Topshop (Via Ebay)
Leggings: Primark
Boots: River Island

Accessorize do some great summer dresses and cover-ups which can easily be worn as day-time or even night-time wear, if you put it with the right outfit! By teaming this beach dress with a blazer and shoe boots and layering it up with a vest top, it doesn't (in my opinion) look like a dress which should only be worn over a bikini! Which is exactly what it looks like if worn on it's own. However, with my expanding bump and lack of clothes that actually fit, I am running out of outfit choices... and this strapless beach cover-up dress is perfect for my new (but hopefully temporary) figure!

I used the John Frieda volumising stuff on my hair today and blow-dried it upside down, which I think made a bit of a difference. I added a few curls which sort of gave it added volumes and made me feel a bit more human for my birthday meal (my birthday is actually on Saturday, but we decided to go early in case baby comes then.... feeling like it may do!). 



  1. You look gorgeous!! Happy birthday for tomorrow! X

  2. Happy Birthday!! :) Stay Gorgeous <3

  3. Happy Bday! :) Wish you the best, and have a good one!
    P.S. You look absolutely stunning, love your boots ♥

  4. Such a cute outfit! Love your boots, so chic! :) And have the sweetest birthday ever! :))


  5. I don't know why but I have a feeling like you may have had her! Don't ask me why! xxx

  6. I like her outfit it look so classy in her own way. Keep posting!



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