Tunics and Cardi's

Friday, February 03, 2012

Cardigan: Topshop (Old)

Slouchy cardigans and comfy leggings. These are becoming the staple pieces of my wardrobe lately thanks to my growing bump! However, it definitely makes me feel more human when I wear clothes that I actually like and can still make a nice outfit together. These last few weeks of pregnancy are HARD. Mainly because of the growing bump, but also because it's so hard to be so patient!

I never really though about how I would feel when my body inevitably started to change shape during pregnancy. I spent the first 5 months desperate for a bump to appear, and when it did I was so happy and excited about it that I wore the tightest tops and started to really embrace the fact that I was carrying a baby round with me! But these last weeks, as I'm sure any previously or currently pregnant women will be aware, the bump has gone from cute and manageable to HUGE and uncomfortable. It seems to be bigger every day, and I have to admit, it is a little hard to embrace such a big change to my body shape. Luckily, this bit of pregnancy is the quickest in comparison to the rest (even if it doesn't feel like it!) and fairly soon now I'm sure I will be missing the bump!

Oh yeah, I was reading about ways of naturally inducing labour (just out of curiousity really in case I go over 40 weeks) and one that really made me laugh was, "Book some really expensive, non-refundable tickets to an event during your final month. Sod's law says you will go into labour that day!" Haha! Made me laugh.

Oh yes, it would be lovely if you could maybe vote for me in the Dorset Cereals Little Blogger Awards! Seems someone dominated me! Thanks!

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