Pink Lining Changing Bag


After a few outings with the baby, I have realised I really need to invest in a changing bag! Up until now I have been carrying nappies and wipes around in my accessorize bag and it's not the most ideal idea! So I invested in this little beauty from Pink Lining, a company which specialises in the most adorable changing bags and accessories known to mankind!

There are so many choices, and they are all so pretty! Inside the bag comes a changing mat and a see-through bag for carrying nappies and wipes and such. The bag itself has lots of compartments in it for storing bottles and all of your baby essentials! I also purchased this bottle warmer from them which will definitely come in use!

The only thing I would say is that it is a little pricey. The bag was £75 and are available from the Pink Lining website and John Lewis. The bottle warmer was £15! But I did do a quick google for an discount vouchers before I bought it and managed to snag myself a £10 off voucher! Result! 


  1. That is such a lovely bag! I've just been using the wee free one that the Boots parenting club gives you! Haha. Xo

  2. This pink bag is very lovely. The best thing about working with a pattern is that you can modify it to make it work for you. I excited for buy this bag.

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