Dear Alice- Week One

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Dear Alice,

Today you are ONE WEEK OLD! I can't actually believe that one week ago today, I was in some considerable amount of pain, well on my way to becoming a mummy for the first time. Now, here you are! It's like you were never not here.

I took you out to the midwife clinic today to get you weighed and measured. You have put on one ounce since being born, which made mummy very happy! We had lots of fun trying to manoeuvre the pram down the street for the first time, and I kept worrying it was all about to fall apart! But it didn't and we got you there and back safely (minus a few bumps... sorry!).

We definitely need to discuss your sleeping pattern missy. You are a little night owl and you are wide awake at night time, wanting all my attention all of the time! I'm afraid I have broken nearly every rule in the book for babies... oops. I have given in to the dummy, let you sleep in bed with mummy (in the middle of the bed, with no covers of pillows and only until she falls asleep so I can move her!), made bottles up in advance and generally spoilt you to bits! I don't think anyone is really prepared for motherhood, no matter how much you read about it, or learn. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and do what you think is right.

Not that you really care Alice, but I am healing very well now. My tummy has shrunk a lot, which makes me very happy, and I am no longer relying on the strong painkillers to go to the toilet (ouch), though I'm still feeling a bit sore.

As I write this, you are in the middle of what must be the biggest poo you've ever done. I would love to take a picture of you funny faces, but I wont be an embarrassing mummy (not just yet anyway). I'm going to give you your first bath tomorrow now that your belly button is off and I feel a bit more confident with you! I have a feeling you're going to scream...

Love Mummy


  1. Cutest. Post. Ever.

    Made my heart melt. She's gorgeous and just lovely.

    Very envious that I have MONTHS to go until I meet my wiggly one.


  2. Aww bless her little chubby cheeks <3
    You're doing everything right, parenting is all about what feels right for you and your baby xox

  3. She is totally gorgeous! You seem to be coping so well! <3 x

  4. You baby girl is beautiful, Congratulations!
    I had my first baby back in November, she's now four months old and like you she slept in bed with me for the first 2 months, but don't worry, my little one is now in her cot and sleeping very well.

    Your looking very well also!




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