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Friday, March 09, 2012

Top: Topshop
Cardigan: Topshop

The bump is going! Yay! I have to admit that now that I am getting my flatter stomach back, I am missing being pregnant less and less. Am very excited for all the new spring/summer fashion that I will (hopefully) be able to fit into! I will have to invest in a new wardrobe I think (courtesy of the BF- It's the least he could do after the trauma I went through! Haha!).

Motherhood is treating me well. Other than the sleepless nights, stinky nappies and swapping perfume for baby sick! But I wouldn't swap it for the World! I officially registered the birth today, which means my little girl is now officially in the world, which was pretty exciting. It also means that my boyfriend is now officially down as the dad, which he wasn't before as we are not married (yet). So it's nice to know that Alice now has two legal parents and that's all sorted.

Having loads of visits from health nurses and midwives. They all seem pretty happy with Alice and I. Alice has actually put on weight since the birth, which is pretty unusual apparently as they are meant to lose weight first. But I guess she likes her food!

As I write this she is doing a lovely poo for me to change, so that's how I shall be spending my evening. Oh, correction, my bf has just seen me write that and has taken her from me to change! Awesome! 



  1. You look lovely! Definitely don't look like you've just had a bubba! x

  2. Lovely outfit. I'm aching for a new wardrobe too! Xo


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