John Frieda Full Repair range!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just thought I would share a quick post with you about the new John Frieda hair range coming out called "Full Repair"! I have been bleaching my hair for about 5 years now, and needless to say it is not in the best condition anymore. So any products which claim to help repair or help control the damage I have inflicted on my hair is very exciting to me!
The new John Frieda range claims to repair the look and feel of your hair without weighing it down (which I HATE) and also protects hair against heat, so you can style it without feeling guilty! I am constantly forgetting to use heat protection spray on my hair before straightening and blow drying it, so this sounds great to me!

Check out this confession style video!

You can also win the whole John Frieda Full Repair range on their facebook page! Just click HERE



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