Sunday Freebies!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thought I would blog about these nifty little freebies I got with Cosmopolitan magazine this week! They are giving away free Clinique products so it might be an idea to get your hands on some before they disappear! Is it really sad to go through all the magazines on the shelf till you find the exact products you want? Well... thats what I do anyway. I was eager to try out the mascara and moisturiser as these are things I use every day.

The mascara was actually really good! I was so impressed with it's application power. One coat really worked well, covering all the lashes and creating quite a bold look. There were no clumps and it didn't weigh my lashes down making it look clogged up with make-up. The brush was also really impressive. I'm so sick of all these gimmick brushes with curves and waves in them, claiming they will give you a different look when in fact all they tend to do is cause clumps. The Clinique mascara brush is long, full and the bristles are short and fine, so it felt quite light and smooth to apply.

The moisturiser was ok. I have really annoying skin which can't seem to make up it's mind as to whether it's dry or greasy, or both! So moisturisers are a bit of a challenge for me! I tend to stick to Nivea Visage moisturisers, simply because they haven't ever let me down. This one was ok, a little too thick for my liking, and it felt a little too heavy on my skin. I worry about thick products as I'm convinced they cause spots. I expect this product would work better on someone with more "normal" skin! Ha ha!

I actually managed to take a couple of outfit pictures over the weekend, which will definitely be going up on the blog this week! It's so difficult to find time to blog with a 3 week old baby demanding all my time. But I wont give up trying!



  1. I love Moisture Surge, but I use it only in the coldest months as a kind of pre-moisturiser with my normal moisturiser on top - it works a treat at keeping the cold at bay! x

  2. I take through the shelves too! Thanks for highlighting these freebies - I didn't know about them! :) I found it SO hard to find a moisturiser for my skin,because I kept taking reactions to them all. I need to get mine prescribed now! Xo


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