Alice's First Shoes

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shoes Available from Next

While I know Alice is a long way off of taking her first steps (can't wait!), I can't help but begin the search for her first shoes. It feels a little odd taking Alice out and about it only tights and socks, even if she is only a few weeks old! I would also like to keep her first shoes as a bit of a memento and look back on it when she's all grown up full of nostalgia! So I thought if I get her first shoes before she can actually take a step, then perhaps they will be kept in fairly good condition. Ok, so it's cheating... But look at this collection of super cute new born shoes from Next! Would you want these covered in mud, grass stains and whatever else my child will be running through?! Nope. Didn't think so. I was thinking of getting the little flower sandals for the summer so I can still see her little toes, but seeing as the weather has decided to revert back to winter (snow? In March? What!) I think the little white ones with the corsage on the front would keep her tootsies a little warmer!

When did you get your little one their first pair of shoes? Am I way too early?! 



  1. Okay, this is probably gonna be the weirdest thing ever seen as I'm a 17 year old (needless to say, without a baby) but, I think these are the cutest shoes ever! http://www.hm.com/gb/product/97596?article=97596-A

    Haha, I can't resist looking at baby clothes online, they're all so adorable! X

  2. Soooo cute! The last ones are adorable!
    Aiden has lots of shoes for some reason but I forget to pop them on him! Lol xo

  3. The last pair with the corsage are just too cute :)


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