Alice's outfit of the week

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Outfit from Tesco clothing
Socks: Mini Boden

How cute do I look in my new dungarees and striped top from Tesco clothing. My mummy couldn't believe how reasonably priced the clothes were that she ended up buying pretty much the whole store! These dungarees may look like stiff denim, but they are actually very soft and easy to move around and wiggle in! I have no problem practising my kicking in them. The butterfly makes me look super cute too and I like getting lots of attention when I'm out and about in my pram! I have accessorized my outfit with my favourite dummy and some spotty socks from Boden. 



  1. Omg, the cutest photos ever. A lovely adorable outfit too and Alice looks so cute in it! :) xo

  2. Alice, you are adorable! ;) xo

  3. Alice is a stunner...mini blogger in the making!


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