Dear Alice- 2 Months

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Alice,

2 months?! I can't believe it, you are such a big girl now! You have your own little personality and have become a right little chatter box. Smiling is now a daily event and I love it when you smile and wave your arms at me! You haven't laughed yet, but have come very close when we play peek-a-boo together. I can't wait to hear your little laugh!

We have the dreaded injections in a few days, which I am NOT looking forward to. I know you will scream the place down, but I know they are for your own good. You have a little bit of a cold right now though, and people are telling me not to get your injections done while you have it in case it makes you more ill, but I will see how you are feeling and talk to the doctor about it. I think I will have to buy you a BIG toy afterwards and maybe give you a long bath (your favourite activity!).

I am feeling back to my old self now. The first few weeks were hard as I couldn't really walk properly and I was so tired I was walking into doors and dropping diner down my top! But now that my body is feeling like it has recovered, I can deal with the tiredness a lot better. It was much harder when I was still in pain. Being a mummy is hard work. Seriously hard work. It consumes almost every second of your day and night and if your lucky enough to get an hours break thanks to someone else looking bravely looking after the little one, you spend it wondering if she's ok! There are some days, or nights, when I have felt really exhausted and frustrated that I can't stop Alice crying and gotten quite upset about it. But then something will happen, like a little smile, or a new little sound, and you forget all of the hard bits and feel so lucky to be a mum. That's the thing about babies, no matter how much they wind you up, you can't help but love them! I mean, how could anyone not love that cute little pickle?!



  1. Just come across your blog and absolutely love it. I love fashion/beauty blogs anyway but I absolutely adore your posts about your little girl, she's beautiful.

    You are one yummy mummy! :)


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