Dear Alice- Week 5

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Dear Alice,

Stop screaming! Argh! it was actually quite difficult to find a time to take a photo of you when you weren't screaming! You scream in the bath, you scream when I leave the room, you scream when I'm holding you, you scream for daddy, you even scream for nanny! I think you may have a touch of colic, which is the one thing I was dreading!

The good news is, you seem to enjoy bath time. The bad news is, it would be considered child cruelty if I left you in it all day and all night long! At the times when you are not screaming in my ears, you are becoming much more alert and very strong. So strong in fact, that you kicked me in the tummy the other night and it still hurts now! You also enjoy pulling mummy's hair, which is fun for you and not so much for me. Clothes are a bit of a nightmare as you seem to be at an awkward in-between stage and nothing seems to fit you! But don't worry, it's just another excuse for us to go shopping for new clothes and spend all daddy's money! Ha ha!

Wow. 5 weeks, I can't believe it! You had to have another little brain scan the other day, just to check everything is working. I think it's because you needed a little help breathing when you were born. But you were very good and slept the whole way through it! It was the longest you have gone without crying in ages! Maybe I should by a little brain scanning machine myself! As I write this I can hear you starting to cry with daddy, and although it's not quite bath time yet, I think I will run you one anyway and see if we can get you to sleep! I do hope you grow out of these little tantrums soon pickle!



  1. She looks so grown up already! Gosh! She'll be a full-blown little lady by the time my bubs is on his way! I'm so envious. I just want to cuddle him NOW!

    I hope she feels better soon. I must also add - YOU LOOK FAB! xxx


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