Dear Alice- Week 6

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alice wears a body suit from Boden
Dear Alice,

Um, where is my tiny little baby who slept 99% of the time, never cried and only did two neat little poos a day?! You are a different baby this week! 6 weeks old, and already so grown up. You can lift your head, reach out and grab toys and are making all sorts of interesting cooing sounds! You are much more fun to talk to now thanks to your gorgeous smiles and funny attempts to talk back to me! Especially when I sing to you!

On the subject of singing, mummy cant remember any nursery rhymes. Seriously, it's like trying to remember how to do linear equations from high school! I can't remember the tune, the words, the dance moves! And there's only so many times I can sing twinkle twinkle little star without going mad! So I have been a very bad parent and been singing you some of my favourite songs instead. Think Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and High School Musical (semi-baby friendly). You seem to enjoy them so that's the main thing. I also bought this little singing sea horse toy which plays tunes of nursery rhymes. However, you much prefer being rocked to sleep to MTV so who am I to argue!

Your little brain scan came back all clear and you are perfectly healthy in every way! None of the doctors seems to know why you didn't breath straight away when you were born, it's a bit of a mystery. I guess I can only be thankful that they were so quick to get you breathing again and check you over, and that you are fine now. That's the thing about labour and newborns, it's so unpredictable!

As I write this I am almost jumping for joy because YOU WENT TO SLEEP ALL BY YOURSELF! Ok, so it may not happen tomorrow, but it happened tonight (and I took a picture to prove it!). I am very proud of you pickle. Now lets see how long you stay that way for...



  1. She's so gorgeous! GOD you make me jealous. She's such a little princess! You seem to be taking mummyhood in your stride! LOVE these updates! xxx

  2. She is such a little cutie! xx

  3. Woohoo Alice! It's great when they start to sleep by themselves! And when they sleep longer too (7 hours?! Don't mind if I do...)! Xo

  4. Awh she's gorgeous! I love the bunny top, soo cute! xx

  5. Aw sosososo cute! I love reading these posts! Makes me a bit jelous but god I am only 18, no baby yet. Haha. & the bunny top is too cute, was it for easter? Hehe. xo

  6. Alice is gorgeous, I absolutely loveeee her little babysuit! x


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