Dear Alice- Week 7

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dear Alice,

You curious little monkey! As you can see, you are very capable of holding your little head up now, which means you have become a million times more nosey than before! Honestly, you want to know what's going on all the time now. You are also chatting away. You're favourite "word" is coooo! I am convinced you secretly understand everything I am saying to you because when I sing silly songs to you, you look at me like I'm mad!

We are now onto the next stage of clothing, the next stage being 0-3 months. No more new born outfits, not that you ever really fitted into new born clothing! This means I can begin to dress you in actual clothing instead of just body suits (though sometimes I still put you in one while mummy stays in her pyjamas!). I also need to start investing in some more exciting toys as you don't really have that many at the moment! I didn't really anticipate you would be ready and alert to play at this age! I was still expecting a sleeping, crying, feeding baby who barely opened her eyes!

You love the camera too! Everytime you see the lense pointed at you, you look straight into it and stay very still so mummy can get a nice clear photo! What a little model you are!Or maybe you're just being nosey again. I walked you over to see your nanny the other day, and you slept all the way through it. No smiles and baby talk for poor old nanny this time, so I will have to try again another day.



  1. She's so cute!!! Stop making me broody!

    Sarah xx

  2. How cute! She's beautiful! I can't believe that by the time this little dude arrives she will be 13 weeks old! That is insane! I love reading these updates. So nice to imagine what's to come. I'd love to know how you are feeling since birth and what it's like being a mummy? Indulge me! :) Xxx

  3. Ah she is gorgeous! These posts are lovely. xx


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